Upon your arrival to MTW our friendly front-desk staff will greet and check you in. While you wait in our serene and comfortable reception area you may help yourself to fruit-infused filtered water and make use our chi/energy machines if you are feeling any pain. And if it’s your first time you are also welcome to experience our new hand-massager device (at no charge).

Shortly, your assigned therapist will meet you and lead you to one of our six private treatment rooms. Once there, you will discuss your needs and agree on your treatment options for that session. The therapist will then leave the room to provide you with privacy while you get ready and begin to relax on the massage table; your therapist will knock before entering the room again. At MTW we encourage you to communicate with your therapist even while treatment is in session to ensure your positive experience.

You can sign up for featured discounts, special promotions, last minute e-mail alerts and discounts, and an informative monthly newsletter. You can also make appointments and purchase gift certificates with MTW at any time through our website or during the hours of operation via phone line. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

At MTW, we speak English, Spanish, and Khmer.