How Long of a Treatment Session?

We recommend that you schedule a 1-hour massage for your first visit.    A full-body massage takes time and we prefer to be as thorough as possible, and if you have any areas of pain we will need to spend additional time there.    Our approach to massage is very different from everyone else’s, and we can’t wait to show you the difference!

30 to 45-minute Session:

Great for focused treatment on 1 or 2 related areas of the body.    Head/neck, arms/hands, legs/feet are a few examples of what can be achieved in this length of session.    We do not recommend this time length for a full-body session.

1-hour to 75-minute Session:

Excellent for a focused half-body or a general full-body treatment.    An hour is a great length of time if you receive regular massage (about once a month).    If it has been longer than 6 months since your last massage we recommend that you consider the 75 to 90-minute session for a deeper state of relaxation.

90-minute to 2-hour Session:

The ideal choice for a focused full-body treatment.    With this ample amount of time, your mind and body will have the ability to release stress organically, without a sense of urgency.    In a 2-hour treatment, time morphs with non-linear qualities and mental focus expands with relaxed spaciousness.