Couples & Family

*Couples Massage, Couples Instruction and Infant Massage currently not available due to state COVID restrictions

Couple Massage in Boston and Somerville, MA.

Couple Massage

When is the last time you spent one hour of quality time with your special someone? We offer you the perfect opportunity to spend that quality time together while at the same time taking care of yourselves. Relax and enjoy the benefits of a Therapeutic Massage together with two 1-hour massages at the same time with two separate therapists in the same room. Please Note:  Please call our office to book your Couple Massage appointments.  Couple Massage cannot be booked online. Sharing the same treatment room is an option but is not always available at all times. *Mention this option when making your appointments if you are interested.


  • 1-hour: $180


Infant Massage Class

Join us to learn massage techniques that will help soothe and calm your baby, improve sleep patterns and ease their tummy. Massage is a great way to deepen the bond between you and your child. Birth to pre-crawling. Class size limited to 4.  Each class is 60-minutes in length.

Level 2 class is 75 minutes and just for parents. If your toddler is crawling or walking then you are ready for our Level 2 class. Here you will learn techniques to support muscle development & greater body awareness (balance) as they continue to grow.


  • The price for the two class series is $100. There is a $10 discount if you refer a friend who signs up with you for the class.


  • All classes will be taught by Rochele Jones, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Massage for Children


The pressures of school academics and intramural sports sometimes takes a toll on a child’s body. Stress can affect a child’s ability to sleep soundly and/or stay focused on daily lessons. Athletic injuries can occur at any age and often do. Soccer, for example, requires a great deal of running which can result in very tight ITBands and calf muscles.

A 30-minute massage is recommended for a young child when too much stress is suspected as being a causative factor in the child’s health, or a longer 45 minute session when the issue is a chronic one.



  • 30-minute Integrative Bodywork: $55
  • 45-minute Integrative Bodywork: $70
  • 30-minute Therapeutic Massage: $45
  • 45-minute Therapeutic Massage: $60


Massage Instruction for Couples

Have you ever wished that your “significant other” could give you a therapeutic massage when you were feeling stiffness or in pain? You will learn specific massage techniques customized to your needs. We will teach you how to safely massage several common areas of tension due to overuse such as the: neck,shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Each 90-minute session includes individual practice time.

Also helps improve communication as individuals learn to express their needs, learn to give & receive valuable feedback, and feel listened to and cared for. A sure win-win for everyone!


  • 90-minutes: $150