Choosing the Right Service

For Your Health & Wellness

It’s really all about what your body needs. We are prepared to work on the different aspects of your body: to help you to relax when you’re feeling very stressed; to massage any tight muscles needing better circulation; to help bring your structure back into balance, or to untangle the results of an old injury still causing you pain.

Wondering Which Service Is Right for You?

Stress-reduction Massage:

For relaxing tension caused from a non-physical source. This style is not intended to release physical adhesions (knots) but may be perfect if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and anxious lately. Light pressure.

Therapeutic Massage:

For releasing tension and restoring range-of-motion in stiff and sore muscles. Not intended to alleviate chronic muscular-skeletal pain. Moderate Pressure.

Integrative Bodywork:

(Found under Injury / Recovery) Combines several advanced healing modalities to address pain and dysfunction in the muscular-skeletal (fascial) network. This style is designed to balance and restore body movement and kinesiologic function. Moderate to deep pressure. For chronic tension relief, please consider scheduling a Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Our Deep Tissue employs the myofascial approach of massage. As tension accumulates in localized areas layers of tissue begin to adhere to one another and essentially become glued together. Myofascial Deep Tissue targets these restrained fibers and frees them from their entrapment. Significant increase to range of motion can be achieved in as little as one 60-minute session. Please note that temporary localized soreness may result and last anywhere from 12 hours to 4 or 5 days; the full therapeutic effect may even take several days to manifest and become obvious.