What’s the difference between Therapeutic Massage and Integrative Bodywork?

The difference between both treatments lies in the intent and the application of different manual therapies based upon what has happened to your body that is now responsible for your experiencing ongoing joint stiffness or muscle pain.

Therapeutic Massage is likely your better choice when you want immediate relief from what feels like annoying muscle soreness or you’ve been noticing a decreased “range of motion” in your neck. It usually provides a feeling of general relaxation and it may give you relief from knots and some trigger points. Despite how effective this treatment can be the feeling of relief is likely to be short-lived if it is a chronic issue. In which case we would recommend Integrative Bodywork.

Integrative Bodywork (found under Injury / Recovery) is likely your better choice if you have been dealing with a specific pain or discomfort lasting several weeks. If you suspect that your posture (sitting or standing) is largely responsible for your pain or that you have an old injury, this style of treatment is for you. Integrative Bodywork is an assessment-based multidimensional approach designed to understand and resolve your issues and then treat the underlying structural imbalances responsible for your pain that often results in restricted movement.