August 2014

December 11, 2014

A Structural Bodyworker’s Perspective

A series of observations about the way people sit, stand, and move (or barely move in some cases)

by Richard Green – Executive Director, MTW

I’m going to make an assumption: if you are reading this you are very likely leaning your body forward. So how often do you do that, or it may be easier to calculate how often do you not do that?

Alright, so what’s my point here? Unless you are from another planet repeatedly maintaining a forward-lean posture for longer than a few minutes is going to cause your lower back to tighten up. Include neck & shoulder tension to that if you’re working on your laptop or smartphone. Now consider how many of the following situations you engage in on a regular basis:

  • working at a computer
  • reading a book in bed
  • riding a bicycle
  • driving a car
  • running, hiking, rollerblading or similar
  • kayaking, surfing or similar
  • weight-training or similar

Well, hopefully you get my point. We all do it a lot, and it’s called hip-flexion. I’ll even bet that you know someone who has been complaining for a while about their back and how much it hurts much of the time. Well, help is not far away. Next month, we’ll look at the steps a person can take to get control of their back pain which in many cases can eventually result in a pain-free back.