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CranioSacral Re-balancing

CranioSacral Therapy works with the subtle bones of the skull and sacrum to balance the cerebrospinal fluid which influences many bodily functions. A very gentle approach to re-balancing soft tissue structures often compromised by injury or trauma, it has proven to be very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, migraine headaches, low-back pain, TMJD, and other stress-related symptoms.

Usually only one or two sessions are needed to help make a significant change.


  • 30-minutes: $70
  • 45-minutes: $90
  • 1-hour: $110


Manual Lymph Drainage

Therapist uses very gentle pressure. Each session lasts from 75 to 90 minutes, and therapy usually is performed once a day several times a week for two to four weeks. The lymphatic system is a vital bodily defense against infection & disease, and lymphatic massage is one of the best things you can do to help your body help itself. Our Manual Lymph Drainage specialists have the experience & skill to help reduce the debilitating effects of stagnant or excessive lymph fluid in the body. Studies have found lymphatic massage to be a medically beneficial form of physical therapy for lymphedema-related issues. Lipedema, an often misdiagnosed and misunderstood disease, currently affects millions of women who don’t even realize it.

Please Note:  If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema, please make sure to receive clearance from your doctor (or lymphedema specialist) to receive our manual lymph drainage treatment.  Please bring a letter from your provider indicating that you are able to receive this service.  Thank you.

For additional information visit:


  • 1-hour: $110
  • 90 minutes: $150

Value Packs

  • Value Package of of 3 Sessions: $429
  • Value Package of 6 Sessions: $840
  • Value Package of 9 Sessions: $1233
  • Value Package of 12 Sessions: $1596


Matrix Energetics

A new consciousness technology that combines the limitless potential of energy work with the principles of quantum & scalar physics. Everything can be broken down to fields of energy and information including our bodies, and our minds act as processors of this energy & information.

This means that any symptom of dis-ease can be seen as just a field of disorganized energy that can be changed simply by bringing in a higher level of organization. In this session you will have the opportunity to share as much as you need to with your therapist.


  • Initial Session / 1-hour: $100
  • 45-minutes: $85


Shamanic Healing

Before scheduling your initial appointment, please call our office at 617-684-4000 to speak with the therapist.

An ancient form of energetic healing which works on the luminous energy field that surrounds every living body. The Inca Shamans believe that within this energy field is contained a template which animates all of the important details of our lives such as what kind of diseases we will inherit, how we heal, how we age, the same stories & conditions that get played out over and over again in our lives, and so on.

These templates are called imprints which is nothing more than encoded information that is recorded within the luminous energy field, and is similar to the way that information in the form of software programs are stored on a hard disk on your computer. As such, we are able to erase those imprints of dis-order and dis-ease due to past events.


  • 1-hour: $110
  • 90-minutes: $150



SomatoTherapy is highly effective at releasing one’s mental stress & anxiety, improving clarity of thought, increasing mobility, and dramatically relieving pain. Utilizing a cutting-edge approach based upon recent neuroscience research habitual unconscious thoughts responsible for stress are replaced by new conscious thoughts. The end result is a restoration of your body’s natural & normal internal balance.


  • 1-hour: $100
  • 90-minutes: $140


Tui Na

Tui Na literally means “Push Pull” in Chinese. Tui Na is a form of bodywork rooted in the Chinese medical tradition. It uses the same diagnostic skills and energetic pathways to heal the body, relieve tension, and restore balance. It is also very effective for muscle fatigue and strain. Client remains fully dressed.


  • 45-minutes: $79


Biofield Tuning: Energy Flush

Now there’s an efficient method to disperse stagnant energy in your biofield which often is the cause of chronic pain in our arms, shoulders, legs and hips.

Biofield Tuning is a simple yet powerful method for shifting the rhythms and patterns of the body’s electrical system. The coherent input of a tuning fork gently supports the body in recognizing and correcting its own vibrational imbalances. Our job, as practitioners, is to simply find the noise and resistance in the biofield and stay with it until the body auto corrects.

*Allow 45-60 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the method is simple, it is also very powerful. Because of this it is contraindicated in certain conditions: if a person is wearing a pacemaker, is pregnant, or is very ill or has cancer.


  • $110


Biofield Tuning: Clearing Your Emotional Energy

Biofield Tuning is a unique process designed to shift patterns & rhythms of the electromagnetic energy that flows through & around your body. It is not stress that kills us but how we respond to stress. Being grounded & centered is the cure for much of what ails us. Using tuning forks as a vibrational tool we are able to identify events in your life when you reacted with an intense emotion such as fear or anger. These charged memories literally lock us into restrictive patterns of limited response to life’s daily challenges. The work is done with you fully-clothed while lying face-up on a massage table. 90 minutes is needed and one or two follow-up sessions may be necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Biofield Tuning can sometimes produce what is known as a Herxheimer Reaction, also known as detoxification. This sometimes lasts 1-3 days and in rare instances can last up to two weeks. Typical symptoms of “cleansing” can be: headaches, sore throat, sweating, chills, fever, body aches, joint & muscle pain, nausea, general malaise and other flu-like symptoms. Cancer and other complex illnesses, pregnancy and pacemakers are contraindicated.


  • 90 minutes: $160


Yoga Therapy

A therapeutic method for helping people feel more connected with their bodies and their lives. By blending yoga postures, supportive touch, and gentle dialogue together, a conversation between the mind and body may unfold. A core belief of Yoga Therapy is that healing largely comes from within the body; utilizing stretching and breathing to communicate directly with the body, we’re able to both release present stress and also prevent future stress build-up.

Sessions are conducted fully clothed on a thai-massage floor mat. Please bring loose, comfortable clothing (anything you would wear to a fitness class).


1-hour: $90.00